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Pantun Sayang – Amis Francophones du Pantoun aims to create a virtual meeting place for all lovers of pantun around the world and to promote knowledge on this poetic form and its creativity in various non-native languages. First and foremost in French, thanks to this website, but you may also write to us in other languages and share with us your love of pantun in English, Spanish, German… and of course, in bahasa Malaysia or Indonesia.

Pantun Sayang publishes a quarterly digital review (mostly in French) called Pantouns, in which you can take part and which can be downloaded for free on this website. We also publish articles, books and poetry collections, either on paper or digital, as long as they relate to pantun.

Also on this website, Pantun Sayang runs a poetry forum specialised in the pantun form, open as well to other short forms of poetry so as to promote exchanges between our contributors on their pantun creations, but also on their haikus, tankas, coplas, landays and other rubais (rubayat)… We also organize an annual pantun contest and poetry events with an artistic twist, showcasing the pantun form and its cultural variety, as in Barbezieux in 2015 and Kuala Selangor in 2016.

Take part in our adventure, come and share your writing talents with us! Become a member of Pantun Sayang and take advantage of unique membership benefits from this website:

  • your contributions eligible for our individual or collective anthology projects
  • your personal poetry events (book publications, upcoming poetry readings, awards, etc.) promoted on our blog, social media and newsletter
  • updates on our upcoming publications (research articles, poetry collections, books on pantun) and discounts on all the products sold in our poetry shop
  • our newsletter, as well as exclusive invitations to our upcoming events.

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